"Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership."

Peter Drucker

Business Consultant, Educator, Author

Manufacturing & Operational Excellence Consulting
  • Operations

  • Planning

  • SHES


Meet the Team

  • Dave Cope
    formerly with

  • David Brignac
    formerly with
    Shell (Motiva) Refining

  • John Pacillo
    formerly with
    Mexichem Fluor

  • Ralph Caddell
    formerly with

The TJC Group's team of successful, former industrial plant managers works with organizations to assist them in building a sustainable, competitive advantage by leveraging operations management to drive business growth.

Using tested and proven methodologies to rapidly assess or to conduct a more in-depth audit to provide a baseline of their manufacturing operations' current performance and a gap analysis to highlight strengths and identify areas needing improvement, The TJC Group's Manufacturing and Operational Excellence practice works collaboratively with companies to deliver long-term results.  Follow- up services including coaching, strategic planning, or facilitated implementation. 

Grounded in performance-based outcomes for Key Performance Indicators (KPI), our practice focuses on Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Productivity, and Inventory.

  • Alignment with business strategy

  • Goal deployment

  • Leadership

  • Employee engagement

  • Performance based outcomes

  • Basic LEAN Manufacturing tools


Areas of Expertise:


  • Continuous Improvement

  • People / Leadership

  • Maintenance

  • Quality

  • Measurements


  • Capacity

  • Scheduling

  • Inventory Management


  • Integration into Operating System

  • PSM Integration into Operating System


Key Practices

  • Alignment

  • Accountability

  • Visual Management

  • Rapid Problem Solving

  • Capability Improvement

  • Leadership Standard Work