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Robert Kidder brings to the TJC Group the hard-won discipline of a career in advertising, public relations and marketing. A veteran of the advertising agency business, Robert spent twenty-eight years balancing the creative side with research, media planning and account service, serving as executive creative director on a mixed bag of financial, retail, tourism, manufacturing and political clients, and account supervisor on many of the important ones. “Marketing comprises many disciplines,” he says, “and every manufacturer, service provider, public body and non-profit must demand that each perform according to corporate needs and goals. That’s what I accomplish for them!” In 1990, he moved from consultant to client, as director of marketing for Stine Home & Yard, a Louisiana-based retailer of home improvement products ($190,000,000 in sales and the third-largest Ace Hardware retail chain in the world). Robert also took the lead role in strategic planning for the chain, and he both spearheaded and executed hands-on a major redesign of the stores’ interior décor, shopping patterns, and exterior façade and architecture. Besides marketing directly to homeowners, Robert also dealt directly with developers, contractors and their subs, selling millions in building materials.


In the industrial sector, Robert works as a facilitator for community advisory panels bringing petrochemical industries face-to-face with their communities. Robert knows the importance of work safety and training firsthand, as these industries are accountable to their public and their employees. He has developed sales leads for vendors from plants and pipeline owner/operators, and developed sales presentations to solicit donations from them for worthy causes. He has supervised or personally facilitated dozens of focus groups, more public meetings and charrettes, commissioned and supervised market research, and produced and directed live-event presentations. In his long marketing career, he has produced and directed a few hundred television commercials and industrial videos.


Robert is a member of the SAG-AFTRA and a former member of the American Federation of Musicians.