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What Our Clients are Saying...

Timmy Roussel, Former President

St. James Parish

Tim johnson and his firm have worked in St. James Parish for almost 25 years. He and his team have done an outstanding job connecting industry and the community. In terms of communication and governmental relations, there is no firm that has done more good work in our Parish. The TJC Group has a reputation for honesty and integrity that comes through in all they do and Tim has gained the trust of elected officials, citizens, and community leaders."

Mitchell Ourso, President

Iberville Parish

I have watched Tim John and the TJC Group do important work in Iberville since before I became Parish President. I consider Tim a personal friend. The thing that stands out about their work is how much they are trusted. Businesses trust them, executives, trust them, business leaders trust them , and most importantly, citizens trust them. In fact, when Iberville Parish needed a firm to provide governmental relations assistance, we didn't call anyone else. Tim Johnson, and the whole TJC Group team have been outstanding for us. Their ability to connect industry, government, and community and to communicate clearly is the best I've seen."

Marcus Ledoux, Plant Manager

Total Petrochemicals

The TJC Group has facilitated the East Iberville CAP since it began over 20 years ago. He does an excellent job of keeping the community and the plants engaged and interested in a positive and productive way. He is also able to bring powerful, high visibility speakers, such as the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, the EPA, the US Coast Guard, the Louisiana State Police, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and many others."

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